Open Positions

Account Managers

Are you willing to change the way Healthcare is accessed and create new healthy pathways for communities members to strive and grow? Then we are looking for you!


  • Bachelors in Healthcare or Healthcare IT management

  • We love new Grads! Bring your ideas to the table and create a healthier workplaces for your community members

  • The ability to create SOLUTIONS from CHALLANGES. Life is hard. People work 60 to 80 percent of their day, spending only 20 percent of their day with their families. The Jones Wellness Group request that you be able to create solutions for our clients that require going outside the box of normal day to day operations. The solution to our clients problem should always be UNIQUE to their business culture and wellness contract goals.

Wellness Coordinators and Service Providers

Are you an Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, or Holistic Health Care Educator Looking for Health Minded Clientele?



  • Must Be State Certified, Licensed, and Bonded to perform services on a Mobile Basis

  • Have A Passion for Educating and Healing


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